Republic of the Philippines

Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP)

The Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer protection (BTRCB) is committed to develop an environment where there exists an empowered and responsible consumer sector. Consequently the BTRCP is also committed to create a business environment conducive to sustaining industrial growth and development to generate jobs in a globally competitive market.

In the pursuit of these commitments, the bureau adopt a proactive approach in linking consumers, business and other government agencies. Following are the steps followed by the BTRCP in the attainment of the Bureau's mission: establishment of a coordinated education and information program to ensure consumer welfare as the entity join the new world trade order; formulation of sound policies and guidelines to effectively enforce fair trade laws and ensure its compliance; provide clients a timely relevant and expedient support services in the field of consumer complaints, protection of intellectual property rights, business regulation and information.

The Three Function Divisions

Consumer Welfare Division (CWD)

  • Provides ample protection to the consuming public through a massive tri-media consumer education and information dissemination program

  • Releases information materials such as Consumer Alerts, consumer Tips flyers, calendars, films and press release.

  • Promotes consumer awareness on basic issues and concerns

  • Provides mechanism for the speedy resolution of consumer complaints

  • Prepares guidelines in the development and strengthening of consumer organizations

The division operates on the credo that a "Well-informed and Vigilant Consumer is the Best Protected consumer".

Fair Trade Division (FTD)

  • Oversees the effective implementation of Fair Trade laws

  • Provides field offices with operating guidelines on the implementation of laws on trade malpractices

  • Trains fields staff on enforcement of fair trade laws

  • Formulates programs and policies on Fair Trade Laws and other related provisions

  • Monitors Congress bills and resolutions which directly affect the consumers

  • Conducts regional consultancy on enforcement

  • Prepares position papers on domestic and fair trade related bills and resolutions

Business Regulation Division (BRD)

  • Oversees effective implementation of Trade Regulation Laws

  • Provides standards and systems in issuance of licenses and permits for realty service practice, fire extinguishers, bonded warehouse, and retail trade nationalization

  • Oversees compliance of business name registration

  • Develops modules on skills training of technicians

  • Professionalizes the realty service practice by administering examinations