Republic of the Philippines


    Mandate and vision of the bureau

    Bureau of Import Services (BIS) is a staff agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) created under Executive Order 133 of Section 14 (b) Series of 1987 which reorganized the Department of Trade and Industry. It is headed by a Bureau Director and was mandated to perform the following functions: (a) adopt sound policies, programs and guidelines; (b) effectively and efficiently administer import rules and regulations; (c) implement beneficial programs that provide relief to industries against unfair import trade practices; and (d) disseminate timely and accurate information on imports to domestic industries. DTI also undertakes the preliminary investigation of an anti-dumping protest referred to them by the Department of Finance ( DOF).

    BIS has the thrust to create an environment conducive to sustainable industrial growth and development that generates jobs in globally competitive industries especially in the country side. The office is also tasked to provide effective management of imports and implement beneficial programs that provide relief to industries against unfair import trade practices.

    The bureau is committed to act and work in unison with all agencies in the DTI family to hasten the attainment of the Department's overall goals; extend full cooperation to other government agencies on common concerns relating to teamwork; relate harmoniously with one another and work cohesively imbued with the spirit of teamwork; the embodiment of an ideal government agency that serves as a model in providing the highest standard of service to our clients-domestic industries and importers; adopts prudent import policies guidelines responsive to the needs of clients and consistent with overall state policies; and adheres to the principles of professionalism, integrity and transparency.

    Programs/ Services and functions

    Import Strategy Division

    • Implement/strengthen anti-dumping and countervailing measures

    • Formulate relevant administrative/legal procedures related to detection of unfair trade measures, i.e. anti-dumping and countervailing

    • Pro-active identification of products susceptible to dumping

    • Provide technical assistance/consultation with local industries on their data needs to sustain anti-dumping cases

    • Conduct preliminary investigation of anti-dumping cases

    • Provide technical support to the Undersecretary/Secretary in the Special Committee on anti-dumping

    • Provide assistance to the Department of Finance and Tariff Commission on price verification of products covered by anti-dumping cases

    Import monitoring Division

    • Gathering/ monitoring of Home Consumption Values (HCV) in relation to anti-dumping and countervailing measures and export values for endorsement to BOC for publication/updating

    • Quantities/values of liberalized and selected "sensitive" items monitoring

    • Alert private sector on dubious transactions and unfair trade practices

    • Data link with SGS/data sharing with Bureau of Customs published value and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) through Letter of Credits (L/C's) and other modes of payment such as self-funded.

    • Represent the Department of Trade and Industry in the BOC-SGS Appeals Committee on hearing regarding clean report of findings

    • Assist importers/exporters/customs brokers on their query pertaining to export values which is the basis of valuation

    • Provide information on export values as requested by the industries and other government agencies.

    • Provide assistance to foreign supplier for possible business opportunity

    • Information dissemination to create clients' awareness on importation rules/regulations and procedures

    Import Action Division

    Administration of the guidelines on Regulatory functions of:

    • Importation of regulated automotive replacement parts and brand new motorcycle parts

    • Government importation (LOI 1307)

    • No-dollar importation of motor vehicles covered by MB 258 including donations by organization/institution

    • Importation of second-hand motor vehicles of returning residents/migrants (NDI)

    • One-stop action center on the release of motor vehicles

    Import Regulatory Division

    Trade facilitation relative to the importation of Used Trucks/Buses and expansion or opening up of new industries/investments through:

    • Processing of import relative to the importation of used trucks, i.e. cargo/dump trucks (with GVW of 4.5 tons - 6.0 tons) and special purpose vehicles (i.e Truck tractor, transit mixer, ambulance, fire-fighting vehicles, crane lorries etc.

    • Processing of import applications for used buses (with GVW of 6.0 T-120.0 T)

    • Processing of request for release of shipments under the self-funded mode of import arrangement.

    • Coordination with concerned agencies (DOTC, DENR, BSP, BOC, BOI, etc.) to address current issues relative to imported units, i.e. -DOTC/LTO on RHD issues - DENR on acceptable emission levels/standards for imported used trucks/buses - BTRCP on accreditation procedures for conversion shops - BSP on Philippine National Standards (PNS) to cover repositioning of RHD to LHD - BSP on proper commodity classification of importable used vehicles

    • Provide technical support to the Director on import policy related issues

    Trade Policing Unit

    • Handles anti-import surge and safeguard measures

    • Monitoring trade compliance

    • Information support for trade negotiations

    • Conducts research and analysis on international trade in enforcing Philippine trade compliance issues in support of Philippine exporters

    • Alert private sector on sensitive products which exhibited import surge

    Anti Eco-Crime Unit (Secretariat)

    Handles administrative functions of the Inter-Agency Committee on economic crimes pursuant to Administrative Order No. 201.

    • Monitoring of import transactions to minimize the occurrence of fraudulent importations.

    • Detection of smuggling, circumvention or non-compliance of import guidelines and tax evasion through post shipment surveillance of imported goods.

    • Periodic convening of the members of the Task force, Oversight committee and members Inter-Agency committee on economic crime to determine the effective approach in dealing with the issues related to the objectives of Administrative Order 201.

    • Drafting and finalization of policies, to recommend for implementation to the IAC-EC, derived from information gathered, collated and analyzed by the Secretariat of the Committee.

    • Regional information campaign to increase awareness on effects and consequences of smuggling, incorrect payment of duties and taxes on highly taxable goods and other similar related economic crimes

    IV. Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP)

    The Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCB) is committed to develop an environment where there exists an empowered and responsible consumer sector. Consequently the BTRCP is also committed to create a business environment conducive to sustaining industrial growth and development to generate jobs in a globally competitive market.

    In the pursuit of these commitments, the bureau adopt a proactive approach in linking consumers, business and other government agencies. Following are the steps followed by the BTRCP in the attainment of the Bureau's mission: establishment of a coordinated education and information program to ensure consumer welfare as the entity join the new world trade order; formulation of sound policies and guidelines to effectively enforce fair trade laws and ensure its compliance; provide clients a timely relevant and expedient support services in the field of consumer complaints, protection of intellectual property rights, business regulation and information.

    The Three Function Divisions

    Consumer Welfare Division (CWD)

    • Provides ample protection to the consuming public through a massive tri-media consumer education and information dissemination program

    • Releases information materials such as Consumer Alerts, Consumer Tips flyers, calendars, films and press release.

    • Promotes consumer awareness on basic issues and concerns

    • Provides mechanism for the speedy resolution of consumer complaints

    • Prepares guidelines in the development and strengthening of consumer organizations

    The division operates on the credo that a "Well-informed and Vigilant Consumer is the Best Protected Consumer".

    Fair Trade Division (FTD)

    • Oversees the effective implementation of Fair Trade laws

    • Provides field offices with operating guidelines on the implementation of laws on trade malpractices

    • Trains field staff on enforcement of fair trade laws

    • Formulates programs and policies on Fair Trade Laws and other related provisions

    • Monitors Congressional bills and resolutions which directly affect the consumers

    • Conducts regional consultancy on enforcement

    • Prepares position papers on domestic and fair trade related bills and resolutions

    Business Regulation Division (BRD)

    • Oversees effective implementation of Trade Regulation Laws

    • Provides standards and systems in issuance of licenses and permits for realty service practice, fire extinguishers, bonded warehouse, and retail trade nationalization

    • Oversees compliance of business name registration

    • Develops modules on skills training of technicians

    • Professionalizes the realty service practice by administering examinations